The client

Un_Standard established relationships with thirty international artists working across many different mediums in order to raise awareness around various social issues. Several high profile artists are taking part in the first exhibition, entitled The Optimist on World AIDS Day 2011, including Zoobs, RYCA, Sharon Shapiro, Mr. Purnam, Joel Clifford, Ben Allen, Daniel Lumbini, Gemma Compton, Copyright, Caron Geary, Bruce Denny, RYCA and Paul Bryan.

The exhibition is produced for the charity Positive East, with promotional assistance from the London-based advertising agency Rapier.

The challenge

How do you engage with a market that is experiencing fatigue in donating to various charities while subtly drawing their attention to various causes that may have fallen out of favour over the years? An art exhibition provided the perfect medium to raise awareness around these social issues with appeal in key demographics. The intent is to spread the message of change through art in an indirect way, therefore having a much greater chance of the message getting through. People don’t like being preached to.

The solution

Un_Standard curated a series of art exhibitions with a wide variety of artists to highlight various social causes with proceeds going directly to select charities. The first exhibition, which was held for World AIDS Day, 1st December 2011, took place at East Gallery on Brick Lane in London with limited edition prints offered for sale through multiple retail channels to raise money for the charity Positive East. MAC Cosmetics selected three artworks from the exhibition and reproduced them as body paint on live models during the opening night reception. The models stood in front of the art, and the MAC artist will “live paint” the artwork onto the model. Coverage for the event was provided by MTV, the fashion press as well as various other media coverage, including CNC Beijing. A post opening event was scheduled in various locations across the east end of London.

The results

Once the event takes place, a proper evaluation of performance and ROI will be calculated and reported.

DateDecember 2011
ClientThe Optimist
SkillsPlanning, Branding, Marketing