The client

Positive East is London’s leading community-based HIV charity that assists those living with and affected by HIV on the journey from crisis to sustained independence. Since its inception, Positive East has focused on developing tailored solutions to allow people living with HIV the best opportunity to maximise their health and well-being. These solutions are delivered in a context appropriate to the individual, through in-house and outreach contact, and concentrates on the broader implications of living with chronic illness including advice on housing, social security and psychological well-being. By maximising the health and welfare for HIV positive individuals, the demand and cost for statutory services is reduced thus reducing the burden upon the NHS.

The challenge

In 2010, Positive East saw their operating budget reduced by approximately 30% due to government cutbacks, which severely impacted their ability to provide services. Positive East desperately needed to update its operating strategy and image in order to attract additional sources of income and not be so reliant upon government funding.  Positive East wanted to raise its profile as an HIV charity in order to attract more volunteers, gain more corporate relationships and become more competitive in bidding for funding from Trusts and Foundations.

The solution

Un_Standard developed a strategy for overhauling the existing brand and mapping out a marketing strategy. A marketing strategy wasn’t something that Positive East had in the past, but the organisation realised the importance of developing a cohesive strategy that communicated the value of Positive East and attracted more people to get involved with the charity.

The first phase that Un_Standard addressed was the brand. The old brand didn’t accurately capture the vibrancy of the organisation and didn’t effectively communicate the mission and values of Positive East. The existing logo placed all of the emphasis upon “east” rather than “positive”, which was the main remit of the charity. The range of services that Positive East offers were grouped into four categories; Mind And Body dealt with both mental health issues and physical health, Independence dealt with housing and immigration issues, Taking Control dealt with employability and financial independence, and Changing Attitudes dealt with outreach, prevention and anti-stigma. The four quadrants were grouped together and a positive symbol was formed out of the negative space.

The results

The new brand strategy made its debut in Q3 2011. Focus groups have given the new look a positive review and feel that this direction is a better representation of the charity. New relationships have been forged with several corporate partners, including Viacom, Walt Disney, CMS Cameron McKenna and Allen & Overy. Also, new relationships have been developed with key influencers in venues throughout Hoxton, Shoreditch and Dalston and will elevate the visibility of Positive East within key demographic targets.

DateDecember 2011
ClientPositive East
SkillsBrand Identity,