making mistakes

Failure Isn’t Necessarily A Bad Thing

Failing from time to time isn’t always bad.

What doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger.

Running your own business can be a rewarding as well as challenging experience. The rewards can be great, and setbacks can be devastating. But encountering failures from time to time in business isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Having a few missteps along the way is one indicator of innovation. If you haven’t gotten your fingers burned a few times, then you aren’t challenging yourself. A mistake can’t be labeled as a mistake if you’ve learned a valuable lesson from them.

What Does Business Planning and the Family Vacation Have in Common?

The Family Vacation

What do business planning and the family vacation have in common? Remember those family summer vacations from childhood? If yours were anything like mine, the one thing that you remember most was the obsessive planning that took place before we stepped foot out of the door and got strapped in to the station wagon. We would get maps from the AAA with the route clearly marked, potential hazards along the way, road construction, alternate routes and weather forecasts.