First impressions count

Like It Or Not, First Impressions Count

Short attention span…

Like it or not, first impressions count

As a society, our attention span is getting shorter and shorter. Mastering Twitter is an art form, because you need to be able to convey a complete thought in 140 characters or less. Google Adwords is even shorter.  You need to be able to clearly communicate an offer, give an inventive to click through and pay it off in an even shorter space. So take this in to consideration when you deal with your customers. First impressions count.

The Domain Name Game is Changing

It’s a game that many startups play when choosing a name for their business venture. Check the URL to see if the “chosen name” is available with a dot com extension. Often times, we end up making up names out of the blue so that we can lay claim to that elusive dot com. After all, how do you think that recent startups came up with the names of their businesses, like Etsy, Pinterest or Tumblr? They weren’t necessarily the first choice for those starting their businesses, but their domain with a dot com extension was available. But now, the domain name game is changing.

From Catwalk to Sidewalk: Burberry’s Concept of Fast Fashion

From catwalk to sidewalk

Burberry goes the way of fast fashion, a la H&M? Fear not fashionistas! Burberry isn’t planning on competing with Primark any time soon, but they’ve cleverly upped their game in regards to getting their product into the hands of those that want to buy. Call it a “catwalk to sidewalk” strategy.