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Build a robust marketing plan

Have you built a really great business but
the customers just aren’t coming through
the doors? Do you know what your customers
are looking for? Without a robust marketing plan,
your guess is as good as mine. Marketing isn’t
only about selling. Sales is a key component of
marketing, but marketing is more than that.
Marketing is about creating the relationship
between your customer and your business.
The end result is sales. Marketing establishes
the dialogue between your business and those
all-important customers. Without doing any sort
of research into what your customers want, need
and desire, this dialogue becomes a monologue.
And nobody likes being preached to. Especially in
today’s world where we are all spoilt for choice.


So where do we start?

The journey is different for each of our clients. That’s why we develop unique solutions for each of our clients. But each journey starts at the same place. Your experience. Your customer’s experience. Then we research and research (and do more research) in order to come up with informed solutions. When we put these solutions into practice, we listen to see how our solutions are performing. If a change needs to be made, we make that revision. We wrap up the marketing strategy. We learn from how it performed. And then process starts all over again. A robust marketing strategy should never be a “one-off” fix but is part of an ongoing process.

Un_Standard marketing
Un)Standard marketing

How it works

Here at Un_Standard, we can manage as much of the process or as little as required when creating a robust marketing plan. We can set plans up in motion that you run yourself. Or, we can act as your “Virtual Marketing Department” and manage the process from Un_Standard HQ. We can streamline your website so it doesn’t confuse or put off your potential customers. We can create integrated marketing campaigns that use many different types of marketing disciplines, but work together to achieve noticeable results, whatever the goal may be. We are here to help. We have experience in creating robust marketing strategies for a wide range of businesses all over the world, from startups to huge multinational corporations. We’ve been there and achieved results.