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Set your business apart

Do you really know what is special and unique
about your business? Have you actually figured
out you’re your business can do that is different
from the others? If you’re an entrepreneur with a
business idea that isn’t quite fully formed, then
Un_Standard can help you uncover your business
niche to truly set your business apart from
the competition.

Business Strategy

Uncover your niche

Un_Standard will work closely with you to discover that area that sets you apart from your competition. We will fine-tune your business ideas, zero in on your passion while uncovering your niche in the process to move into that space that you can call your own. One that truly sets you apart from the others.

Uncover your business niche
Reach into the crevices
Business Strategy

It's important for your small business

We will reach deep into the crevices, dust off those cobwebs and get our fingers dirty to reach that area where your passion lies. We will tweak your business idea to reflect your individuality. We will use your niche to build your brand. And this will be the difference that makes your customers choose your products or services first. There’s an audience out there for your niche. Someone out there is looking for what you have to offer, no matter how unusual or obscure your niche might be. Uncovering your niche is what Un_Standard is all about.

What to expect



One-on-one coaching sessions either face to face or over Skype that focuses on the objectives for your brand


Brand Audit

An audit of your existing brand (if you have one in place) and a strategic plan tied to your company’s goals



An in-depth session to explore where your passion lies, and how this passion can be translated into your business strategy


Brand Guidelines

Un_Standard will create Brand Guidelines to keep your newly crafted niche organized so that your company remains true to its brand, now and in the future.


Creative Design

Creative execution of the visual identity for your brand. Un_Standard will design and execute all deliverables. Un_Standard will also create a library of design elements.


Branding Brief

Or, if you prefer to work with your own creative teams, we will pull together all of the resources needed for you to write a Branding Brief to pass along to your creative team.

How long it takes

Un_Standard works closely with entrepreneurs
and small businesses that have been struggling
to set themselves apart from the crowd. The
businesses that will see the greatest benefit
in working with Un_Standard are those small
businesses or pre-starts that aren’t afraid of a
bit of one-on-one training to evolve their
business concept to be the best it can be.
We will work closely with you to discover
that unique place that you can call your
own and will resonate with your customers.

Business Strategy

We'll work with you

Un_Standard will design a specially tailored program to discover what it is that makes your business unique. We will work closely with your business to come up with a plan of action that results in some Major Business Acumen at the end of the program.

Custom tailor
Length of time
Business Strategy

Every step of the journey

The length of time that it takes to complete the Niche Building program depends entirely upon you and your company’s needs. We here at Un_Standard want to make sure that you remain fully committed to crafting your unique business niche, and we will provide all of the inspiration and guidance that you need to build and maintain a winning brand.

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